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(Must be a *verified* reseller to purchase at wholesale pricing. Email us a copy of your resale permit at: simplysoap(at)aol.com.....thanks!)




(All "Wylde" soap lines available with Carol's faerie, mermaid or witch Art Labels)


green fairy carol ochs fantasy fairy artmermaid art carol ochs

Carol is also an artist! (Several soaps --the "Wylde" lines -- are available with her *art labels*!)

Art & Illustration Portfolio (here at this site)

Carol Ochs Art Website

You can find art prints & other merchandise (customizable greeting cards, mugs, aprons, phone skins, totes, t-shirts, & MORE with her art on it at:


Check out Carol's FIBER CRAFTS Handspun, handknit fiber confections!

handspun handknit scarf carol ochs










For Retail or Wholesale Customers 


Just a few bridal ideas below!  We can customize to your heart's desire!

(Wildflower seed-embedded handmade paper soap wrap for guests to *plant* the soap wrapper and enjoy not only soap, but a pot of flowers, as well!)

wedding soaps seeds in label, bridal soap, wedding, favor, party, guest, signature, custom soapmaking Simply Soap


Or how about a big pile of various soaps for guests to choose for themself?

Custom Soap Ordering


- Minimum size batch on custom orders (soaps other than what we offer in our lines on our website) is one 11. lb Bulk Chunk (36 bars)

Our service of offering custom soapmaking is geared towards clients who already have a concept or vision in-mind for their custom-made soap. While we love to brainstorm and assist retail customers OR wholesale clients with launching their new product line ideas, our very hectic production schedule does not allow for lengthy working-through of development with you.  Please have your idea(s) ready to propose...thanks! 

- Custom soapmaking now subject to consultation fees for any inordinately large quantities of time required to help you plan custom soap based on a $25/hr. consultation fee and broken down into no less than any part of 15 minute increments.  This fee encompasses phone call, e-mail, and typed fax time spent.  

Private Labeling


     Regarding private labels (<--labels used other than our own Simply Soap labels), we do not design or print custom labels for you except for customizing special soaps such as bridal soaps, or labels in which we only need to drop your name into our pre-designed label.  If you are creating your own company logo, it is up to you to have done independently by a designer, printer, copy shop, or on your own computer .  We are happy to attach private labels for you at a minimal fee however!  We DO provide you with necessary information for listing ingredients appropriately for customers on your private labels.   We are also available to consult with you about information required on a private label to meet FDA protocol.

NOTE:  If you are "private labeling" you need to use your OWN soap names and your OWN soap descriptions & marketing verbage--DO NOT COPY OURS!!!  We only allow others to use our verbage if you are selling our soap under our own Simply Soap label. Copying our names and descriptions constitutes copyright infringement.

Signature Soaps


Looking for a "signature soap" for your business; or just for personal use; a special gift for someone?  Let's talk!  We specialize in making soaps to cater to you, your clientele, skin type, area of the country, or ANY theme!  

You can also private label our regular soap line offerings!  "Private Labeling" refers to us making the soap...you providing the label of your choice/design...perhaps to reflect your company logo or theme, a special event (bridal shower, party)! Over the years we've accommodated custom orders, we've helped customers come up with really unique soaps,  wacky soaps, romantic soaps.  Many of our custom soaps include specialty formulas/artistic designs for: Babies, kids, workers/mechanics/gardeners hands, for problem skin conditions, ethnic soap, pet soaps, sportsmen's soaps (to hide the human scent), shop themes (i.e. Southwestern, tropical, all-natural, tourist areas, etc.), holiday themes, ingredient themes, high-end shops, salt-of-the-earth country shops.....you name it!   We can make soap to fit the focus!


Do It Yourself Packaging


Buying soap "naked" allows you the fun and opportunity to package your soap as you please!   There's LOTS of creative and interesting ways to customize your soap's "look" and make it distinctly yours, or of your shop's theme!  Go to any fabric or craft shop and there's is a wealth of fabric (tulle, netting, silk, etc.), ribbon, raffia, gift paper, corrugated cardboard, handmade paper, and tie ideas to be had.  Purchase cello, shrinkwrap bags, or paper bags to put the soap in, but be sure to leave a "tester" bar out so it can work as a scent "lure" for your customers!   We recommend browsing through catalogs such as Nashville Wraps to get ideas for customizing your packaging.    NASHVILLE WRAPS: 1-800-547-9727.  www.nashvillewraps.com


Bridal Party Soaps and Wedding Favors



Stamp and/or special packaging options to ADD-ON to full plain bar soap price.



STAMPING - Heart .25/bar             Personalized Label - .50/bar



Handmade Paper Wrap/Pers. Tag - $1.00/bar     Cello Bag Wrap/Pers. Tag - $1.00/bar

Tulle Wrap/Pers. Tag - $1.00/bar

wedding soaps seeds in label

Wildflower seed-embedded paper label + personalized tag - $1.00/bar

    Most brides or party-planners have specific ideas/themes in-mind for packaging; we'll work with your wishes and offer suggestions!  Custom packaging by us is negotiated based on labor-intensity, materials used.  Decorative-mold soaps, because of their irregular shapes, are optimally packaged in a manner that shows-off the attractive design! Clear cello bags with raffia or ribbon ties...OR custom event sticker to seal the bag...pastel tulle or netting tied with raffia or ribbon! 

Inquiries:  simplysoap@aol.com