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(All "Wylde" soap lines available with Carol's faerie, mermaid or witch Art Labels)



Carol is also an artist! (Several soaps are available with her *art labels*!)

Art & Illustration Portfolio (here at this site)

Carol Ochs Art Website

You can find art prints & other merchandise (customizable greeting cards, mugs, aprons, phone skins, totes, t-shirts, & MORE with her art on it at:









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Credit card order transaction approval takes place offline by us when we process your transaction manually usually fairly soon after receiving your order to be sure the order is authorized before we begin processing the order. We no longer wait till shipping to process cc's as some are declined and then we've spent the time prepping an order that cannot be shipped. Shipping is usually within a few days of receiving, if not faster...if you need a specific lead-time, contact us: simplysoap@aol.com

Wholesale and custom soap orders take longer to process. Contact us for lead-time: simplysoap@aol.com

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Our voice mail system serves as our phone receptionist, so leaving a message is required for us to call you back.  Due to the time-sensitive nature of soap production in particular, we are usually unable to pick up every phone call that comes in.  We do not have a full-time phone receptionist or we'd have to add that expense onto the cost of our products.  We trust you won't mind us returning your message instead.  Calls are always returned within 24 hours unless it's over a weekend or we're is out of town, in which case we will return your call or email ASAP!  Please leave an email addy as well as phone number with any message

You may also use our currently configured-for-retail cart for wholesale purchase and we will apply wholesale pricing manually on our end.  (Wholesale online cart coming!)


We welcome wholesale inquires and offer wholesale pricing to retailers providing a state re-seller's permit (for states that require them) email a copy of your business license to carolochsarts@aol.com.  Our wholesale pricing is generally 50% off retail, with minimum quantities on some products.  Wholesale minimum purchase is $100. 

For wholesale pricing/eligibility, see: http://simplysoap.com/wholesale.php

We offer 45% off retail on all minimum whlsl orders of $100 (pre-shipping)....and

We offer 50% off retail on all minimum whlsl orders of $1,000 (pre-shipping).

Enter the wholesale discount code word"wholesale" (<-not case sensitive) for orders over $100 (pre-shipping) for a 45%wholesale discount off retail.

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We accept PayPal and will send you a funds request. This is because we offer a variety of products and customers often purchase a mixture of items. Art is best shipped in flat rate envelope rather than the same box as heavy soap. Calculating your shipping offline is more accurate and can save you money!

Please prodvide your PayPal address in the place indicated on our shopping cart. PayPal We do not add your order to the order processing queue until you have paid for your order (and order has cleared, if not "instant"). The reason for this policy is occasions where I put in the work & time of prepping large orders, only to have payment never come through, and then I've wasted a lot of my time. We will send one PayPal funds request reminder after the initial funds request, and if there is no response, your order will be presumed abandoned. Be sure to check your spam folders for PayPal funds requests.


If you would like to order but do not wish to use your credit card at our online cart, you can still submit your order and shipping info into the cart, print your order out, then mail your check or money order in to us!  Contact us for mail-in address: simplysoap@aol.com. We accept money order or check payment, but product will not be sent until check clears. 

In the event your check is returned, you will be charged $25.00. No further orders will be shipped until your account is cleared.


Orders will not be sent on a declined credit card.  Please be sure you have available credit before placing an order.  Re-stocking fee may be incurred.  Product set aside for a declined credit card order will be re-stocked within 48 hours and used for other order fulfillment.

We reserve the right to refuse sales/service to anyone. I hate to even have to say this, but unfortunately, experience has forced us to put this statement *in print*. By and large we have the most wonderful customers who we appreciate immeasurably. But every once in a great great while we get someone with outlandish, vulgar, unreasonable requests or demands and/or obnoxious behavior, whom we refuse to reward by dealing with them. This is at our sole discretion.


Shipping method is determined based on product choices, and generally chosen by us which method, or combination of methods are used.  We primarily use USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail, but if you prefer UPS, ...expedited, ...or slower shipping, let us know in the notes section of your shopping cart, please!

Example: If art prints are ordered along with a substantial amount of heavy soap, we will pack and ship according to what is best for each product's safe arrival, including separate shipping if needed. Because of the wide variance in weight and possibility of separate shipping, we do not have shipping pre-calculated into our shopping cart.  We find it is more accurate and fair to charge you based on actual weight at shipping time, so we don't over- or under- estimate via our cart, at the time of purchase.

Not to impugn shipping carriers, but we've noticed over the years that some of our customers seem to have very bad luck with certain shipping carriers in their particular area, and receive a lot of damaged shipments from ANYONE shipping to them, and they specifically tell us which carrier NOT to use. If this is the case for you, let us know......we will usually use either USPS or UPS, as we've had the longest and overall continued success with these two.

If you should receive a damaged USPS or UPS shipment, (very important -->) save any and all packing materials and the product shipment "as they arrived damaged" and report to USPS or UPS immediately so a damage claim can be looked at, filed & reimbursed based on their assessment of total product damaged. Example: If you orderd/received an 11 lb. block of soap, and only 1 - 2 bars-worth of soap is damaged-in-shipment, you will likely not get the entire block reimbursed, AND get to keep the remaining undamaged block of soap. There are time limits on how soon a damage claim will be honored so do not let it sit and become forgotten. Also, contact us immediately so we know:


San Diego (Local): (619) 287-1394


Claims can be filed online at the USPS website....www.usps.com specifically: https://onlineclaims.usps.com/oic/landing.do 
You can file an insurance claim up to 60 days from the time the shipment was rec'd. 
The USPS will need you to provide:
- a damage report (describe damage in your own words, how much product was damaged total, provide photos if available or bring actual damaged product and shipping materials to P.O.)
- proof of insurance (on front shipping label)
- evidence of cost to be reimbursed (our invoice or statement for product to you)



Taken on a case-by-case basis. Shipping address must match billing address or order will not be sent.  We will not ship orders that come from one country, to be sent to another. International order shipping carrier chosen based on products and overall weight of order.  USPS for smaller orders.  Bax Global used on larger orders for bulk weight discounts.Soap recipient responsible for any and all VAT, customs, or other fees specific to their country.


Due to the natural quality of soap products, for hygiene & shelf-life reasons, we are unable to accept returns or requests for exchanges.  All soap sales are final. If you receive a soap product that you believe to be defective in some way, return it to us, we will pay for return shipping, so we can evaluate the product for defectiveness and refund or replace accordingly if it is indeed determined to be defective, after it has been returned to us.

We stand behind our products 100% and your total satisfaction is always our goal!  However with products for resale that possibly touch the skin, or products of indeterminate age, we are unable to take them back if they have been used, or even if un-used, when we cannot verify the product's shelf-life, risk of contamination, or storage abuse.  If products are custom-made-to-order, we cannot take them back.   We do not take products back because a customer would prefer an alternate scent than what they already ordered. 


We usually ship all orders within two to seven days.  Unusually large wholesale orders will take longer to process, contact us for individual order lead time - simplysoap@aol.com.  Autumn/Holiday season (late Sept. through Dec.) will usually add to lead time.  We suggest you order early if you have a specific need-by date.  Custom orders require not only time to make the requested soap, but time for it to cure as well.


All of our art, soap packaging, specific verbage and website content is registered copyright protected with all inherent protections.  It is illegal to take, use, alter, right-click capture, remove, distribute, misrepresent, or claim as your own, any of our art or graphic images without our written consent or license.  Violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. 

If you do not understand what copyright infringement is, here are more informative links:




Art Laws

Starving Artist Law

Digital Millennium Copyright Act

10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained 

Crash Course in Copyright 

Stop Internet Bandwidth Theft

If you view our art, or trademarked company name use anywhere that you suspect is not licensed for use, or is being infringed-upon...please contact us: CarolOchsArts@aol.com!  Your information will be regarded as confidential and annonymous.


We are accepting requests for new licensing opportunities.  Please contact us if you wish to license any of our art. Licensing includes both print and electronic reproduction, as well as commercial applications of our art.  Carol reserves the right to approve or decline any licensing proposals at her discretion.  If you wish, please e-mail us with your proposal: CarolOchsArts@aol.com

 Factors involved in determining Licensing Fees:

The following are considered when Carol determines licensing fees.

  • - Rights required - exclusive, full, partial.
  • - Type of media - how will the product be used - web usage or printing/ physical application
  • - Expected period of usage.
  • - Distribution rights - where will the image be used? Worldwide? Locally?

Please include the following information in your e-mail to us as we consider your request for licensing (cut & paste the following questions and your responses into an e-mail, please).  Thank you!


Company Name:   

Resale permit # or Bus. License #:

Years in Business:

Type of Business:

Products you sell:

Phone: (    )

Fax: (    )



Street Address:

What type of merchandise are you planning to use licensed art on? What royalty rates do you typically pay on each type of merchandise?  What is your advance payment?

How many other artists do you have licensed work with?

Who are some of the artists whose work you currently have licensed?

What method of payment or schedule do you typically use to pay for licensed use/royalties?

  Use of Art on Websites, Etc.:

E-mail your request: CarolOchsArts@aol.com

For Non-Profit Use:

- Supply a written credit to Carol Ochs as the artist on each page that an image is used... Artwork (c) Carol Ochs.
- Provide a clickable link below the name credit to Carol Ochs that directly links to us at: www.carolochs.com 
- Art is not to be altered except with written permission.

We respect your privacy!  We do not sell, rent, or give your information to anyone!  All areas of this site are open to all visitors to read and browse at no cost. The availability of wholesale pricing requires the submission of customer business verification, meeting wholesale minimums, and contact information. 

Where visitors choose to provide the site with a name, e-mail address or other information in order to purchase products or receive e-mail newsletters, Carol Ochs Arts keeps all such response lists strictly confidential.

Our on-line shopping cart uses SSL encryption to process orders securely.


If you ever have any questions, concerns or feedback, contact us:

e-mail: simplysoap@aol.com

(619) 287-1394

Thank you!